The Science of a White Smile

Your smile is a prominent feature and someone with a dazzling white smile is sure to look and feel more confident than a person with yellow, stained and decaying teeth.  Many are under the impression that to remove stains caused by drinking tea, coffee, red wine or tobacco, they need to resort to costly teeth whitening treatment, harsh acids and abrasives or home bleaching kits.

In fact, whitening toothpastes are a highly successful and cost-effective alternative, as the ingredients found within them mean they are a fantastic aid to removing stains whilst maintaining good oral care (and in the comfort of your own home).

Stain removal potential will depend on the brand.  Some claim up to 14 days, whilst a study conducted at Bristol University Dental School found Beverly Hills Formula whitening toothpaste removed stains in just 1 minute, with over 90% of stains removed over a 5 minute period.