Total Protection Whitening

If you have healthy teeth and gums, but require extra stain removal Beverly Hills Formula Total Protection Whitening toothpaste is the ideal solution, effectively removing stubborn stains caused by tea, coffee, red wine or tobacco without using harsh acids or bleaching, in just 1 minute.

The dual action anti-bacterial formula found within Total Protection Whitening contains Xylitol and Triclosan to help fight plaque and Calcium and Fluoride to strengthen tooth enamel.  Plus the long lasting mint flavour will freshen your breath every time you brush.  For extra stain removal, leave on teeth for up to 1 minute before brushing (do not swallow).

Total Protection Whitening not only cleans and safely removes stains to give a brighter more confident smile, its extra gentle too!  A study (Missouri Analytical Laboratories, July 2011) confirmed Total Protection Whitening is proven to be less abrasive than other leading brands of both whitening and regular toothpastes, scoring as low as 93 on the RDA, to help restore your teeth to a natural, white colour, safely, quickly and effectively.

Also available in 125 ml